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Swiss Made for everyone.

M-WATCH Mondaine was first introduced in 1983 by Mondaine Watch Ltd., Zurich/Switzerland (est. 1951) as a value-priced, fashion watch line, offering exceptional Swiss design and manufacture for an international mass market. Since its introduction, M-WATCH Mondaine has grown to be the timepiece of choice for the style-conscious, demanding Swiss population. In fact, over 7 million watches have been sold to the Swiss population of slightly over 8million!



M-WATCH Mondaine Maxi: Development of the model within the collection from 1983 to 2013 (left to right)

The M-WATCH Mondaine collection emphasises values that are typical for Switzerland, namely quality, reliability, imagination and expertise. Our products satisfy the high requirements expected of Swiss watches. Precision and durability are just as important as the time.
The fact that tradition and innovation go wonderfully hand in hand is illustrated by our freshly coloured, modern ranges called Yellow, Red and Blue.

A watch is there to show the time – at least that used to be case. Nowadays a watch undertakes tasks which extend far beyond the accurate indication of the time. Watches emphasise a lifestyle, accompany various moods and as a result become symbolic of the feelings of the wearer. Watches are just like shoes – the more, the better.
The models in the M-WATCH Mondaine range are ideal for this symbolism on the wrist.
What should it be today? Elegant, sporty or strikingly different?
Whatever suits your mood. One thing is certain: the M-Watch models also tick the right boxes in terms of fashion.



Ronnie and André Bernheim

An M-WATCH Mondaine is simply a good watch.
You can’t go wrong with an M-WATCH Mondaine, and M-WATCH Mondaine has something for everyone.
M-WATCH Mondaine is a brand with no airs and graces, offering honest watches at honest prices with honest Swiss quality.

Made in Switzerland – an obligation

Watch assembly in Switzerland in Mondaine's own factory.



Watch Factory, Biberist

The M-WATCH Mondaine models have featured on the market for over 30 years. On 23 February 1983 Erwin Bernheim, the founder of Mondaine Watch Ltd. and father of the current company managers, André and Ronald Bernheim, created the M-WATCH Mondaine brand. The Volkswagen of watches is attractive because of its high Swiss quality and affordable prices. ‘Swiss Made for everyone’ is the name of the concept. These are watches for life; watches that you will always like, wherever you are.

Setting time standards

Three ranges, three trends: Yellow features lots of synthetic materials, making this collection colourful and cheeky. Sturdy models which are just as suited to the e office environment as a drink at the latest trendy bar. Red holds onto tradition – naturally inspired by modern elements so that time spent at the opera or an art exhibition seems to pass too quickly. Blue evokes an outdoor feeling with the focus on sport, such as biking, surfing or parachute jumping. However, these models can also be seen when just ‘chilling out’ as there is no need for movement all the time. A Ronda movement ensures that the time is displayed accurately in all the M-WATCH Mondaine models. It is comforting to know that all the models have been tested for water tightness down to a depth of at least 30 metres, some even down to 100 m. Swiss Made watches from M-WATCH Mondaine are impressive because of their variety, design, accuracy, comfort for the wearer and, last but not least, price.