Sport Timer 30th Anniversary 0900 Series

Sport Timer 0900 Series

30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Luminox was born 30 years ago this year with a simple mission – build the toughest and most durable  Swiss timepieces using Luminox Light Technology (LLT’s) and American designs, and do it for an affordable price.

30 years later, Luminox has become a leader in its category and a supplier to the Navy SEALs, law enforcement,  first responders and military all over the world. Synonymous with toughness, durability and uncompromising  illumination, Luminox is well positioned for the future.

To celebrate this anniversary, Luminox has created an incredible timepiece that reimagines one of its first watches  ever, the Luminox Sport Timer 1540 Series from 1990. The Sport Timer 30th Anniversary is limited to 730 units  and the design is vintage-inspired, yet incredibly modern.

730 seems like an odd limited-edition number, but there is a reason behind it. The “7” is because the Luminox  company was formed, in the USA, in July of 1989, and the “30” is for the 30 years Luminox has been succeeding.

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