Scott Cassell UVP Special Edition 3500 Series


Scott Cassell is an expert counter-terrorism operative and a consummate undersea  explorer, who embraces danger and relies on Luminox timepieces as part of his  Essential Gear.

For 15 years, Cassell was a principal investigator in field studies of Humboldt squid.  His filmmaking and production credits include more than 35 television shows and  documentaries broadcast on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, MTV, Disney,  Animal Planet, Spike TV, the BBC, and more. He has also led an expedition for National  Geographic where he doubled as primary researcher.

He also heads up two organizations – Sea Wolves Unlimited and Undersea Voyager  Project (UVP). Using Spec Ops techniques, Sea Wolves Unlimited identifies and films  criminal acts, such as the killing or maiming of endangered aquatic species, and  turns the evidence over to law enforcement to pursue prosecution. UVP is a non-profit  organization that explores the health of the oceans and why they are failing.

Cassell’s main mission today is to raise awareness of the deteriorating condition of our  oceans, mainly due to massive killing of the shark population. More than 200,000  sharks are killed every day for shark fin soup. “With the extermination of the sharks,  the ecosystem in our ocean is in danger.” says Cassell. The oceans need warriors, not  more words!”

Luminox’s continuing partnership with Cassell supports these vital missions. Working  together, we have created special edition watches, including the UVP diving set and  the Deep Dive series. Proceeds from the sales of these dive watches help support the  work of Cassell’s Sea Wolves Unlimited and his Undersea Voyager Project.

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