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Brand Story


Luminox Light Technology


The key feature of any Luminox watch is that time can be read at all times under all possible conditions, whether on or under the water, on land or in the air. The energy-independent Luminox Light (LLT) technology guarantees optimum readability, up to 25 years, 7 days a week.

Most other watches use luminous paint, which must be charged by a light source and quickly loses its luminosity. Alternatively, a push-button system is available, in which the battery-operated lighting is activated with a switch.

However, Luminox uses its own technology, which was previously reserved for the military and gives Luminox watches an outstanding market position. Each Luminox watch is equipped with tiny gas lamps (borosilicate glass capsules) on the hands, the hour indexes and, if necessary, the bezels. These glow permanently – without the push of a button or light charging of the watch. Thanks to this unique technology, the time of Luminox watches can always be read at a glance, regardless of the external conditions. This unique technology is manufactured in Switzerland with swiss precision clockwork.

The production of Luminox watches


All Luminox watches are "Swiss Made". They are produced by Mondaine Watch Ltd., a leading watch manufacturer in Switzerland. Mondaine is based in Pfäffikon/SZ and has a production facility in Solothurn. It was awarded the "Swiss Logistics Award" for its just-in-time production. Mondaine brings his 65 years of experience to the production of Luminox's complex watches.




The lightweight and stable material carbon is nowadays used in a variety of products. Especially where an alternative for materials such as aluminum is in demand. Carbon materials are regularly used in high-tech industries such as construction, motor racing and aviation. Inspired by such areas and designed to create a material that is both durable, lightweight and durable, Luminox created carbonox™.