ICE SAR Arctic 1200 Series


As the official partner of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR)  Luminox is committed to creating watches that meet the needs of these intrepid public  servants as they go about their daily duties – which can mean dealing with volcanic  eruptions, avalanches, shipwrecks, mega storms and even more.

The ICE-SAR teams need a timepiece on which they can rely, which is why they chose  Luminox as their official timepiece. With its rugged, shock resistant construction, robust  water resistance and luminosity, Luminox certainly fits the bill. In addition to ice, heavy  rains and strong winds, ICE-SAR also has to deal with limited daylight visibility as Iceland  remains in partial or total darkness during several months in winter. In such conditions  Luminox watches and their unique self-powered illumination system – providing constant  glow for up to 25 years – truly become an essential gear to ICE-SAR teams in order  to conduct their missions.

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